Case Study 4

Md. Mahadi Hasan, a 12 years old child who was born not like other children, but with a PDA or a patent duct inside his small heart that creating bigger problems day by day. His parents welcomed wholeheartedly their younger male child; but their happiness didn’t last long when they came to know about his illness. This news affected the family like a bolt from the blue because with their small income they can’t afford the treatment. Consequently, Mahadi could not pass his days like other normal children. He couldn’t play like a normal child and even couldn’t run with his friends. Mahadi’s parents came to know about our hospital from a reliable source. Fortis people have facilitated all his treatment with minimal costing by the grace of Almighty. Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Abdullah Shahriar closed that gigantic PDA in AFC Health Ltd Khulna with device procedure i.e without operation. Now, the boy as if gained new life with no distress and palpitation. His parents heaved a sigh of relief as their “babu” is smiling now, saying “I’m fine, Maa”.

Another happy heart has come out from our hospital and added to our success story.